4 January 2016

100 words worth knowing

Typical. You wait months for a milestone to come along, and then two come along at once. 

Just two days after reaching the 15,000 followers mark, the @HaggardHawks Twitter feed tweeted its 10,000th tweet in the early hours of Monday morning. If you’ve been with us since the start (and some of you certainly have), that’s 10,000 obscure and unusual words you’ve potentially added to your vocabulary. So apologies for fuelling your lexiphanic tendencies—you may well be guilty of gadzookery, but at least you can now consider yourself a logodaedalus.

But for those of you who have joined us more recently—or for those of you who might have forgotten some of the best HH words (which would make two of us...)—not to worry. To mark our 10,000th tweet, and to refresh our collective memory, here are 100 HaggardHawks words that are well worth remembering, each linked to its original tweet should you want to read or share it over on Twitter.

Thanks again everyone for following, and stay tuned for another development very soon…

  1. The pleasant feeling that follows a nice dream is euneirophrenia
  2. Bomphiologia is boastful, self-aggrandizing language
  3. To famgrasp is to shake someone’s hand...
  4. ...while kissing a woman’s hand on meeting her is called a baisemain
  5. To unhappen something is to make it look like it never took place. 
  6. A growlery is somewhere you like to retire to when you’re ill or in a bad mood. 
  7. If you’re comfoozled then you’re utterly exhausted. 
  8. An autohagiography is an autobiography that makes its subject look better than they are. 
  9. A ridibundal person is prone to laugh at things
  10. A hangy-bangy is a good-for-nothing. 
  11. An ohnosecond is a moment between doing something and realising you shouldn’t have done it.
  12. Jamais-vu is the opposite of déjà-vu...
  13. ...and a eucatastrophe is the opposite of a catastrophe.
  14. If you’re noctivagant then you like to wander around at night
  15. A gowkthropple is someone who frequently uses bad language.
  16. To jirble is to spill liquid while pouring it with shaking hands
  17. Old women who gossip over tea and cakes? They’re muffin-wallopers.
  18. Huckmuck is the feeling of confusion caused by things not being in the right place.
  19. A bessybab is an adult that likes childish things
  20. To dacker is to deliberately spin out a simple task just to fill up a day’s work.
  21. Killing time is temporicide. 
  22. To do something lickfaladity is to do it with full force. 
  23. A miscomhap is a stroke of bad luck. 
  24. Infucation is the process of applying makeup
  25. A sudden feeling of grief when you remember a loss is a stound. 
  26. If you’re parvipotent then you have very little power. 
  27. A buccula is a double chin. 
  28. Shivviness is the uncomfortable feeling caused by wearing new underwear.
  29. A muck-robin is a child who likes deliberately annoying adults
  30. To goufter is to laugh heartily. 
  31. Looking younger than your age is called agerasia. 
  32. Posing a question and then immediately answering it yourself? That’s sermocination.
  33. An ichnogram is a footprint. 
  34. Talking in your sleep is somniloquy
  35. An aquabib is someone who drinks water, not alcohol. 
  36. To honeyfuggle someone is to trick or deceive them
  37. A zwodder is a drowsy, stupid state of mind. 
  38. A callomaniac is someone who believes they’re more beautiful than they really are
  39. To walk in shoes that are too big for your feet is to clomph. 
  40. Cats that like to climb along high shelves are climb-tacks
  41. To titty-toit is to tidy up. 
  42. Aimlessly wandering the streets is vicambulation
  43. If you’re ludibrious, then you’re the butt of the joke. 
  44. A compulsion to look at awful things, like horror movies, is called cacospectomania.
  45. A mouse-nook is a hard-to-reach, hard-to-clean corner of a room. 
  46. Mogshade is the shade provided by trees
  47. A puckfist is someone who braggingly dominates a conversation
  48. To constantly repeat something so that it loses all meaning is to battologize
  49. The drops of food or drink that fall down your chin when eating are your lebber-beard
  50. To sklute is to fall into something wet or muddy
  51. An onomasticon is a list of names. 
  52. Speaking through gritted teeth is dentiloquy
  53. If you’re pawp-footed, then you’re prone to walk into things. 
  54. To dedoleate is to cease being upset. 
  55. Your opisthenar is the back of your hand. 
  56. The drops of rain that drip from things after it’s stopped raining are the easing-drops 
  57. If something is xyresic then it’s razor-sharp. 
  58. Making mistakes at work because you’re so tired or bored? That’s fauchling
  59. To scurryfunge is to hastily tidy a house. 
  60. Using a fan to cool yourself down is flabellation
  61. A crinkie-winkie is a fuss over nothing, or a pointless reason for not doing something. 
  62. The boredom that comes with being unwell is alysm
  63. Oysterhood is unsociableness or an overwhelming desire to stay at home. 
  64. A nonty-niddlety is a fool
  65. A zoilist is an unfair critic, or someone who loves complaining or finding fault.
  66. A spinkie-den is a woodland clearing full of flowers. 
  67. Trinkgeld is money intended only to be spent on drink
  68. A fyoag is a loud, cheerful laugh. 
  69. Anything that is hoozy-poozy is done just to pass the time. 
  70. A brother-chip is someone who does the same job as you...
  71. ...while a nameling is someone with the same name as you
  72. Something that is isochroöus is the same colour outside and throughout. 
  73. Untidy or unpleasant work is vargling
  74. If you’re floby-mobly, then you’re not unwell, but still not quite feeling your best.
  75. The stiffness in your legs after a long walk is called hansper. 
  76. Eating your words is autologophagy
  77. A lennochmore is a larger-than-average baby. 
  78. Glutching is trying to stifle sobs or cries
  79. A scliff is an old, worn out shoe. 
  80. The loose feathers that fall out of cushions and pillows is called culf
  81. To bang-a-bonk is to sit lazily on a riverbank. 
  82. Armogan is the perfect weather for travelling...
  83. ...while hurling-weather is the perfect weather for drying clothes... 
  84. ...and if the weather flenches, then it looks like it might improve but never does.
  85. An adoxography is a great work written about a pointless subject. 
  86. Crockans are bits of food that shrivel up during cooking
  87. Hanging around with nothing to do? That’s lobbeting
  88. Saturday-wit is dirty jokes
  89. A waffle-frolic is a sumptuous meal or feast. 
  90. To twankle is to idly play a musical instrument
  91. Superalimentation is eating too much food. 
  92. The process of taking off your shoes? That’s discalceation
  93. A scripturient person has a constant desire to write. 
  94. Trying to cover up the fact that you’re laughing is kneistering
  95. An ocnophil is someone who clutches onto familiar things when upset. 
  96. To penelopize is to restart a piece of work just to waste time. 
  97. A dildram is a strange or improbable story
  98. All the facial features that make someone recognisable comprise their headmark.
  99. To jakes is to walk mud into a house. 
  100. If you’re linguipotent, then you have great skill with languages

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