7 September 2015


Well it’s been a busy old month here at Haggard Hawks HQ, but by crikey, we certainly weren’t expecting to reach 12,000 followers as quickly as that! It’s only a matter of weeks since we passed the 11,000 mark, but another milestone can only mean one thing—yes, thanks to the guys at Qzzr, it’s time for the third devilishly difficult Haggard Hawks Quiz. 

Same rules as always: 20 language-related questions, the answers to which have all been tweeted over on @HaggardHawks at some point. Let us know how you get on over on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.

And thanks enormously—as always—for following, sharing, commenting, and just generally being brilliant. It really is appreciated. Good luck! 

1 comment:
  1. Question 15 has an alternative answer. The first three sentences are in past tense whereas the last is in present tense.