15 January 2016

10 Words To Do With Firsts

It’s been a long time coming, but HaggardHawks has finally flown over to YouTube!

Throughout 2016—as part of a new project we’re calling #500Words—we’ll be posting a new video to the Haggard Hawks YouTube channel every Thursday at 8pm (GMT). Each video will look at 10 words with something different in common, from words coined by Shakespeare to words derived from numbers, to the origins of curse words. So, 50 weeks. 50 videos. 500 words.

The first video went online yesterday, and you can find out about 10 Words To Do With Firsts (and hear some terrible, terrible puns—sorry about that) below.

Remember to subscribe to the channel to make sure you don’t miss out on any videos in the series—and of course keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog for more details to come...

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