21 January 2016

10 Words Spelled Q Without U

The second video in HaggardHawks’ new 500 Words project is live now on YouTube! Click below to take a look...

This time around, we’re looking at 10 Words Spelled Q Without U—including an Albanian currency unit, an Inuit word for the wool of the musk ox, a bizarre onomatopoeic Zulu word that found its way into South African slang, and a chain of six letters that every English-speaking person will likely know.

There are still 48 videos to come, so remember to subscribe to catch them all, and of course to keep an eye on the HaggardHawks Twitter and Facebook pages to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Next in the series, we’re sticking with our theme of rarely-used letters of the alphabet with 10 Words Beginning With X... 

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