15 August 2016


Great Scott! Good old Haggard Hawks isn’t even three years old, and yet here we are—20,000 lovely people are now following our online shenanigans. Seriously, thank you. Everyone. It’s nice to have you on board.

If you’ve been with us since the start, over the last 15,500 tweets you’ll have expanded your vocabulary by almost as many words—from aa (a type of Hawaiian lava flow) to zwischenzug (a time-buying tactical move). You’ll have found out what Shakespeare’s father did for a living (spoiler alert: he had the best job ever), what the opposite of a catastrophe is, what Inuktitut word you’ll need for the morning rush hour (ninniuralauttut, of course), what to call a group of pandas (frankly, there is no better group term), and what’s so special about the number 88. And now here we are—another milestone must mean that it’s time for the tenth of our devilishly difficult quizzes. 

Same rules as always—no time limit, just 20 multiple choice questions, the answers to (most) of which have been tweeted over on HH. Feel free to let us know how you get on either in the comments below or over on Twitter or Facebook—and stay tuned for two more big announcements on their way soon…

And best of luck!

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