10 December 2015

2 Year Anniversary Quiz!

Ah, sunrise, sunset... It seems like only yesterday that HaggardHawks fluttered into life over on Twitter on 10 December 2013, but two years, 9,000 tweets, 14,000 followers and one factbook later, here we are—good old Ethan the Hawk turns 2 years old today. As always, thanks everyone for continuing to follow, comment, RT, and just generally support @HaggardHawks. It really is appreciated. There’s a lot more to come in our third year online of course, but before all that, how about pitting your wits against another of our mind-bending quizzes? 

This time, things are a bit different. Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be shown a list of 20 English words, some of which you’ll know, and some of them you won’t. Above them will be a HaggardHawks fact. All you have to do is click the word that matches the fact—so if you were asked what the only English word containing eight letter Is was, you’d click indivisibilities. If you were asked to pick a word borrowed from the Aztecs, you’d click avocado. A word invented by Dickens? You’d pick boredom, and so on. Sound tricky? Well, yes it is. Oh, and you’ve only got 4 minutes in which to correctly match all 20. Good luck!

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